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BlackBerry App World 2.0

Postato 20 Agosto 2010 da Gti in News

BlackBerry App World 2.0: con l’ultima versione del negozio virtuale RIM numerose le novità.

RIM ha appena annunciato la nuova versione di BlackBerry App World, siglata 2.0. Come riportato nel comunicato legato al lancio, “il negozio virtuale di Research In Motion supporta nuove opzioni di pagamento, una ricerca più semplice delle applicazioni e introduce un nuovo sistema di identificazione utente chiamato BlackBerry ID“.


Questo il contenuto integrale del documento, diffuso in lingua inglese, che riporta le novità di BlackBerry App World 2.0:

– New Payment Options

In addition to PayPal, customers will be able to purchase applications using major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express®. Starting in the US, certain carriers will also allow purchases by their customers to be applied directly to the customer’s monthly bill from the carrier.  Further carrier partners will be announced in due course.

– Easier Application Discovery

New tabbed sections for lists of application mean users can horizontally swipe or scroll to quickly view the Top 25 Free Apps, Top 25 Paid Apps and Top 25 Themes, as well as lists of Newest Apps and Recently Updated Apps.

QR barcode scanning is also supported, allowing users to scan a QR code associated with an application from anywhere – the web, print ads, brochures, etc. BlackBerry App World will quickly find the related application and automatically open the application’s information and download page.

 – BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID is a new user identification system that can be used with BlackBerry App World. With BlackBerry ID, which is device independent, users can simply enter their password to access their personal library of both free and purchased apps through the My World folder within BlackBerry App World 2.0.

BlackBerry ID can also (optionally) keep an encrypted record of the user’s billing information, including all credit card, PayPal and carrier account information, and allow the user to simply enter their BlackBerry ID password and select their payment preference when purchasing a new app.

– Vendor Updates

A series of new features for vendors include the addition of a Vendor Credit System, credit history visibility, credit promo codes, change request management, the ability to override application and vendor names, and application language management features to include all languages supported by BlackBerry.

You will also start to notice apps coming in at a price of $0.99 as developers start to list their apps at the new lowest pricing tier.


BlackBerry App World Availability

BlackBerry App World is currently available with both paid and free applications in:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Fonte: RIM BlackBerry – comunicato stampa

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