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Fsc LOOX N500: Usb Bluetooth Dongle Support in Wm 5.0!

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LOOX N500/N520 Preview: Usb Bluetooth Dongle Support in Wm 5.0!
Italian version here.

It’s probably well-known by now that Windows Mobile 5.0 has native driver support for various USB devices: this new feature was mainly added to ensure compatibility with external hard-drives, a true revolution in the field of easy data transportation.

However, while experimenting with a pre-production Loox N500 (here the review part I,  comings soon in English language), it was still a surprise to discover that the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 is indeed compatible with a large number of common USB devices, like our desktop Wireless keyboard, and without the need for drivers!

(A picture taken from the video to be found at the end of this article)

This new Fujitsu Siemens Pocket PC, with integrated GPS module, should probably go on sale between the end of October and the beginning of November 2005. During initial tests with our pre-production Loox N500 we were soon faced with a problem: the handheld did not have some of the connectivity modules (hardware features) that probably will instead be present in the final commercialised product. Most particularly we were missing (in the sense that they were not implemented or without the necessary drivers and software) both Bluetooth and Gps. However, our initial disappointment at not being able to fully test the Loox N500’s Bluetooth and Gps functionality was, ironically, soon supplanted by the discoveries that we were then to make! prove tecniche

(Loox 700 and Usb Printer)
Usb Host and Fujitsu Siemens.
The Usb Host abilities of the Loox 700 series were deeply appreciated by users and Fujitsu Siemens continues to impress by once again adding this feature to their new LOOX N500. This time the Usb Host functionality promises to work even better than before thanks to the fact that Windows Mobile 5.0 already has the necessary drivers for most common usb devices.

(LOOX N500: the Bluetooth hardware couldn’t be accessed on our pre-production model)
Our Idea.
Like we said before, our pre-production Loox N500 didn’t have Bluettooth connectivity. Similarly, we couldn’t get the integrated GPS module to work with the satellite navigation software Navigon 5 (which has been proved to work with Windows Mobile 5.0). We were left pondering how we could get around these technical obstacles and find a way to test the handheld’s ability when used as a GPS system. Wouldn’t it be smart if we could connect that Bluetooth Usb dongle poking out of one of our office PCs to the Loox? We thought it was worth trying – and so we did!
{mospagebreak heading=- Introduction&title=- Implementation}

(Successful Usb Host connection with a Bluetooth Dongle)
Surprise! The Usb Bluetooth dongle was immediately recognised by the Loox N500 once plugged into the Usb cable! Windows Mobile 5.0 didn’t even ask for drivers!

Due to the fact that the User Interface for the Wireless Control Panel wasn’t properly functional on our test device we tried another method: we activated the search for Bluetooth devices via the Modem Configuration Control Panel, found inside the Connectivity Setup Panel.

As you can see from the screenshots, everything went according to plan and in moments our external GPS module (a Leadtek 9537 Bt) was recognised and hooked up via a serial port connection.

Once the connection had been established it was just a matter of letting the navigon 5 software do the rest. The result was a wireless connection between a Loox N500 and a GPS module (Leadtek 9537 Bt) made possible by a Usb Bluetooth dongle. The following screenshots indicate how we setup the GPS software.

The default Navigon 5 setup doesn’t search for a Bluetooth GPS connection. This can be fixed by entering the Antenna setup menu and choosing an ‘external device’.

We let Navigon 5 know that their was a nearby GPS Bluetooth module waiting to be paired – the software had a quick look around and, sure enough, found and successfully connected to the LeadTek GPS.

End of setup – the icon at the bottom of the screen has changed to a green colour and indicates that the hooked satellites are sufficient for fixing coordinates.
{mospagebreak title=- Conclusion and Video Evidence}

Conclusion and Video Evidence.
We’ll close this experiment with a short video. This isn’t only to prove that what we’ve described actually works (), but also to show just how quick and simple the procedure is. Thanks to a cheap Usb Bluetooth dongle and an external GPS module we were able to make a short journey and the whole setup didn’t fail once (whilst always giving correct directions)!


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